AVP: Alien vs Predator – Postcolonialism


In Alien vs Predator, Hollywood is clearly establishing high beauty standards for non-humans. Predator’s dreadlocks and physique make him the non-human hero, while Alien is relegated to being a baddie simply because he’s just … err, green slime dripping all over. He might not be a great sight, but they clearly don’t care about how inadequate aliens out there feel and are made to cry in front of the mirror.

You’ve gotta love the ‘postcolonial’ approach. There’s a clear attempt at rejecting ethnocentrism. The hero, in this case a tough woman (Sanaa Lathan), becomes into a warrior. She might be tough and skillful, but she learns from Predator. This seems to imply that earthly beings are not superior to robots, or whatever Predator is. However, the film never descends into ethical relativism. It firmly rejects the ‘culture’ of Alien, which is clearly set to destruct humankind and Predatorkind. Phew!

After all, Predator comes from an advanced technological ‘civilisation’, while Alien is ugly and ugly can’t be good. It’s good to have a moral compass to guide one in the forest of postmodern pluralism. One might quibble that the Predator ‘civilisation’ doesn’t amount to much given that they speak, read and write, betraying more than a tinge of Rousseau. Education spoils the purity of the good savage. Yet, as our own civilization is quickly losing the ability to read and write, I don’t think we can complain.

Yes, I also watched N.2. It doesn’t get any better.

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